Daily Lectio

I want to find a way to offer a (nearly) daily space for reflection and meditation, using the sacred texts in my own Christian tradition–as well as sometimes bringing in rich, interfaith glimpses.  In my own practice, Camaldolese spirituality, that wonderfully contemplative stream within the Benedictine family, is deeply important to me.  The Camaldolese intentionally engage in the creative tension between the eremitical tradition (hermits and silence) and the coenobitic tradition (monks living in community under a Rule).  I am particularly drawn to this charism, this space of reflection and prayer, and I’m challenged and nurtured to step into a tradition that has been so formative for a thousand years.

Part of my daily practice within the Camaldolese family is to spend a bit of time in the morning and evening with the Psalms.  I look at the Daily Office Gospel reading, noting what feast it may be, and I spend time slowly reading the Psalms, noting what words or phrases “hook me” (to use Pema Chodron’s wonderful image..albeit in a slightly different way).  This is my Lectio Divina practice, my space of sacred reading that anchors me in the busyness of my day.  And, I want to share it with you, with a hope and a wonder if this space might be helpful and encouraging for you as you continue in your own practice.  And, there we are…individual persons in our own practice seeking to come together in community…maybe a glimpse of the Camaldolese charism.

In this spirit, I will offer a daily Lectio glimpse, a nugget of a psalm or reading and maybe a few words…very few….

Blessings, S+

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