The New Contemplatives Exchange–Snowmass 2017

Enjoy this video reflection of the Contemplatives Exchange gathering at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.  Thanks to Leonardo Correa from the World Community for Christian Meditation for the expertise!

In August 2017, twenty younger contemplative scholars and practitioners from seven countries met at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.  We gathered at the invitation of four of the key founders of the contemporary Christian contemplative work.

Here is a group photo of the gathering, including Laurence Freeman, Richard Rohr, Tilden Edwards, and Margaret Benefiel (Thomas Keating was not able to join us that particular day):

New Contemplatives Exchange group photo

The Contemplatives Exchange’s vision is:

Awakening a larger embrace and expansion of Christian contemplative understanding and practice as the vital grounding of Christian life, with openness to collaboration with all streams of contemplative wisdom, in response to the urgent social and spiritual needs of our time.

It is an exchange of evolving experience, understanding, practice, and probing questions related to Christian contemplation among a group of young contemplative thought and practice leaders drawn from different backgrounds, with the hope that their mutual stimulus can bring fresh, Spirit-inspired imagination to the ways contemplation can be understood, practiced and spread in our time, in ecclesial, educational and other institutional and communal contexts.

Founders photo

We worked with the four Founders, shown above.  Margaret Benefiel, the Exec. Director of Shalem graciously helped facilitate our conversations over four days.  Click next to each name to explore the wonderful work each of these has contributed to the contemplative movement.

Richard Rohr, The Center for Action and Contemplation

Tilden Edwards, The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

Thomas Keating, Contemplative Outreach

Laurence Freeman, The World Community for Christian Meditation

Margaret Benefiel, the current Executive Director of Shalem will be with us to help guide and facilitate the conversations as well.

Over our five days together, we discerned what focus points the Spirit is inviting us to develop in the coming years.  It was a fascinating–and humbling–gathering of like-hearted souls who are all wondering how contemplative practices can nurture ministry and practice.

You can watch a video of Fr. Laurence, Fr. Thomas, and Fr. Richard describe the hopes of our shared work:



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