“Hermetic”: a poem

Hermetic You, wisp of fine white smoke, kiss of the breeze on my lips, smooth as silk that slips through the tight crack in well-crafted plans. Oil flows through a stack of dry stones, the boundary I set, firmly, between what is mine and yours. “Come here,” you say, softly, beyond the best that thoughts... Continue Reading →

“The truth lit from behind”: a poem

The truth lit from behind We so quickly claim that our time this day, this moment, is full of more struggle than others, those who are now ghosts and memory, that somehow the strain has grown– Never before, they say– No one has ever– Unprecedented– The bow slides sharply across the string, and the note... Continue Reading →

Center of Gravity: A Poem

Center of gravity When we are walking on the path of life, our center of gravity cannot be in the heart of another. As we take our next step our balance cannot bow to the thoughts and fears, the tight strings of another’s story. Not that our souls do not touch, but they are fingertips... Continue Reading →

On wells and healing waters

On wells and healing waters A sermon for the Third Sunday in Lent Stuart Higginbotham Then the woman left her water jar and went back to the city. My grandparents had a well in their backyard, and as a child, I would sneak over and take the old wooden cover off. I would lean over... Continue Reading →

“Strike a match, and watch it burn”

Strike a match, and watch it burn I woke up last Thursday and my entire image of God  had changed, not all at once but completely. God, the word, is a piece of slick paper my soul cannot grip any longer. God had always been something–Someone– I prayed to, but now, somehow, God was something–somewhere,... Continue Reading →

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