Die Before You Die: A Sermon

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham Proper 28, Year B Mark 13:1-8 November 18, 2018   Die Before You Die Not one stone will be left here upon another.  All will be thrown down. Years ago, not long after I was ordained a priest, my uncle came to Atlanta with his church on a trip.  Lisa... Continue Reading →

Contemplative Light podcast with Clint Sabom

Many thanks to Clint Sabom for the opportunity to share some of our experience at Grace Episcopal Church on the Contemplative Light podcast.  These conversations are so very important, as we recognize the challenges faced by the institutional church. Click the link HERE to explore the podcast and more resources on the Contemplative Light site.... Continue Reading →

Who’s Possessing Whom?

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham Proper 23, Year B Mark 10:17-31 October 14, 2018   Who’s Possessing Whom? You should know, this is my stewardship sermon this year.  I am trying something slightly different, but let me tell you a story first. When I was a child, I was totally convinced that my younger sister... Continue Reading →

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