A Book Launch…and so Much More

My heart is full of gratitude.  It is just full. Last weekend a small group traveled to the Wisdom Ways Center in St. Paul, MN, to celebrate the launch of the new book Contemplation and Community: A Gathering of Fresh Voices for a Living Tradition. We stayed on the second floor of the novitiate of... Continue Reading →

Oh, Merciful Sword–A Sermon

Proper 15, Year C Luke 12:49-56 August 18, 2019 Oh, Merciful Sword   This morning, I wanted to make a manuscript available, so I typed a reflection.  I sincerely hope that you feel invited to take a copy of this reflection home to read, to keep the conversation going.  This is another one of those... Continue Reading →

Out of Many, One–Out of One, Many

Morning thought: We live in a time when some seek to convince us that there is only so much of "it" out there. Power. Resources. Power. Money. Power. Fame. Whatever "it" is at the moment. We fight among ourselves, seeking out an "other" who can be blamed, from whom we can take more of "it"... Continue Reading →

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