A Reflection on Life and Power

A reflection on life and power Stuart Higginbotham My friends, I hesitate to say “I hope this finds you doing well,” because it feels like no one is fully “doing well” these days. We are all, at least, uncomfortable, shaken up, disturbed. So, I will say that I hope this finds you breathing and staying... Continue Reading →

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham Second Sunday after Epiphany January 16, 2022 The Practice of Shining Forth As we step more into this year, I feel led to shift the approach of my sermons a bit. I want to look at the readings of the day, the broader tradition that we practice, and then be... Continue Reading →

We’re Crashing Into Each Other

We’re Crashing Into Each Other Stuart Higginbotham Just the other day, I was driving to the office in my new little hybrid car when I stopped in road construction some three miles from our house. I was singing my heart out with Christmas carols (Mariah Carey, but don’t tell anyone), when a large truck suddenly... Continue Reading →

White Man, Black Madonna: Reflection One

White Man, Black Madonna A Journal of Prayer, Reconciliation, and Healing Stuart Higginbotham A replica of Notre Dame Sous le Terre, Our Lady Under the Earth from the Crypt Chapel at Chartres Cathedral, France Back around 2002, I worked in the bookstore at Columbia Theological Seminary when I was a student there. While it was... Continue Reading →

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