On wells and healing waters

On wells and healing waters A sermon for the Third Sunday in Lent Stuart Higginbotham Then the woman left her water jar and went back to the city. My grandparents had a well in their backyard, and as a child, I would sneak over and take the old wooden cover off. I would lean over... Continue Reading →

“Strike a match, and watch it burn”

Strike a match, and watch it burn I woke up last Thursday and my entire image of God  had changed, not all at once but completely. God, the word, is a piece of slick paper my soul cannot grip any longer. God had always been something–Someone– I prayed to, but now, somehow, God was something–somewhere,... Continue Reading →

A Life of Light: The Transfiguration as a Visualization of the Authentic Nature of Reality

A Life of Light The Transfiguration as a Visualization of the Authentic Nature of Reality Stuart Higginbotham This relatively short essay seeks to weave together three years’ of thought around my experience of how Vajrayana, or Himalayan/Tibetan Buddhism continues to nurture my own understanding and awareness of my root practice of Christianity. Much more could... Continue Reading →

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