A Year of Seeing: March 18: We have but taken the first steps

We have but taken the first steps


Last night I couldn’t sleep

because I realized

we have but taken the first steps.

The first.

Many more will follow.

The impulse is always to grasp,

to understand


to get a handle on the significance

of this surreal experience.

All of it.

While my mind craves to figure this out yesterday,

my heart softly speaks to me–

with my body demanding attention,

our body demanding attention–

our body, saying:


Listen more intently than you 

have ever listened before.

Pay attention!

Notice where compassion is needed,

a healing of wounds long unattended.

Look your neighbor in the eye and smile as 

you pass them on the sidewalk.

Do not rush, do not rush,

do not rush,




because there is a wisdom among us now,

that we must learn,

We must learn.

We must.



SH  3/18/2020


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