A Year of Seeing: March 15, 2020: Deep Lent


Deep Lent


We had gotten so accustomed

to setting out our usual things:

the purple vestments with the

wooden candlesticks,

pebbles in the font,

sticks and vines on the chancel.

Then Deep Lent began

and we found ourselves taken

to a place we had not chosen for ourselves.

We looked around with confusion, 

feeling a connection with 

a truth we have known but have ignored:

the union of things.

We pause now and read the invitation again

with new eyes and hearts:

“I invite you, therefore,

in the name of the Church,

to the observance of a holy Lent,

by self-examination and repentance;

by prayer, fasting, and self-denial;

and by reading and meditating on

God’s holy Word.

And, to make a right

beginning of repentance

and as a mark of our mortal nature,

let us now kneel before the Lord,

our maker and redeemer.”




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