Bones of Light: A Collection of Poems

This collection of poems spans the three years, beginning in Advent (December) 2019 and ending in the Fall of 2022. When I began a more focused exercise of writing, I had no idea how life would unfurl. My writing became more important to me as the pressure grew, and poetry has become the cornerstone of my own practice of prayer.

What does it mean to pause, to sit still, and listen for that voice that is impossible to describe, easy to avoid (it seems with so many distractions), but essential for a grounded life? Taking time each day is necessary for me.

These poems came to me, meaning they paused long enough on their journey from wherever to wherever to let me try to write down what I heard and saw. I consider them gifts, so I felt the only authentic thing, given what we are experiencing, is to pass them on and let the Spirit keep doing whatever She has in mind.

As you read them, you’ll notice that I left the date at the bottom of each poem to note when I recorded it. I don’ think they are ever “finished,” but at least I reached a point to write them down. You’ll also notice that I didn’t include any page numbers. Maybe this can be an invitation to explore them more contemplatively. See where you go; see where your eyes and heart land.

Blessings, always,


Click the link here to explore:


Bones_of_Light.pdf (

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