A Year of Seeing: August 2: “Bee”




Just the other day I was

watering the plants in the garden

at dusk in the shade when 

the water had a chance to soak in.

My shoulder brushed a shrub

I love with violet flowers like paper

and a blossom buzzed.

I paused and gently tapped several

until one spoke back.

One drowsy bee slowly walked out

and flew off to more peaceful accommodations.


Just the other day I was

sitting in Cynthia’s driveway

talking about our grief and struggle

in these days, our hopes and our hearts.

We laughed too, with gratitude.

As we sat there together by the jasmine,

a bee circled and landed gently

on my hand, calmly crawling over my fingers

as we paused and watched.

In that moment, I could feel 

every tiny foot, the faintest pressure on my skin.

After a blissful moment, I snapped a photo

and the bee flew away, message delivered.




My 41st birthday


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