A Year of Seeing: July 19: “The Spirit blows where it will”

The Spirit blows where it will


We do not know where it comes from

or where it is going, yet we can feel it

all around us: in one moment

a cool breeze that helps us catch our breath

as we close our eyes and relax in peace,

while in the next moment

a strong gale blows away the

dust of illusion from the corners of our lives.

At some points, when we have long trimmed

our sails and have grown accustomed to

the direction our life is going,

the great wind blows down upon us,

and through shielded and surprised eyes

we realize that we have been moved to

a different course we did not expect

and would have never chosen for ourselves.

The Spirit blows where it will–and it will.

And it has.




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