A Year of Seeing:June 15: “On a bench at the auto shop”


On a bench at the auto shop


To take time each day

to sit in quietness,

to sit still in the busyness

that presses upon us and lures us

like a siren to join it and

yield our groundedness to

the distractions that sap our soul.

To sit, to plant ourselves in one place,

on the ground, if we can, to feel

it pulse with the beat of life that

calls us back to the heart of things.

To be still and listen so that, when we

stand again, our hearts can see

those deeper truths about ourselves

with God’s eyes, even on days when

our vision is dimmed with tears.

To dare to take a moment alone

when the shadows that stalk

our souls and look for cracks to

squeeze through can be seen in the light

that pierces all darkness and we are 

again aware that we are all held

in love, in love, in love.




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