A Year of Seeing: June 10: “Spider Web Meditation”

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Image from “The Independent”

Spider Web Meditation


You must sit still

with the rays of light

riding through the branches

on chariots of dust

to see the shimmer

of the thin strand

of the spider’s web

that connects this leaf

with that one over there.

In this moment of 

stillness, of stillness,

it shocks you:

The connection of things,

of all things, the deep truth,

and the pain of not seeing,

a persistent wound

in our body, our body,

because we cannot 

be still and know. 




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  1. Thank you Fr. Stuart for your beautiful words. The inward journey towards stillness and deep listening seems to be the simplest and most arduous and most love-drenched adventure of my long Life, especially during these challenging times. Your words offer beauty and hope. Grateful 🙏🏼💙🍀

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