A Year of Seeing: May 20: “Master of Divinity”

Master of Divinity


Months back I took all my diplomas

off my office wall and replaced them

with paintings and icons that I swapped out

from time to time to see how

a change in the sunlight would catch an eye.

I could not help but laugh out loud

when I lifted one particular diploma that read

Master of Divinity in black ink,

so nicely framed and respectable.

As if there were such a thing.

Now, on day sixty-eight, I sit at home

with my family, in my garden, with my prayers

keeping presence with my community

as best as I can in these days of anxiety

while imagination and hope still dance,

inviting us to soften our grasp and consent

to the breath on which our lives take sail

while well-framed diplomas rest in the closet.




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