A Year of Seeing: April 12: “If then, Easter”

The clematis from our garden 🙂

If then, Easter


A violet clematis bloomed last night,

yesterday’s bulging bud that caught my eye

now totally transformed and stretching wide,

sheathed in luscious color on a Spring morning.


The cardinal pair who stay close to our home,

grateful for the sunflower seed in the feeders,

tend their nest, hidden somewhere in a nearby tree,

out of my sight but nevertheless real.


Each morning we take our walk around the lake

and pay our respects to the geese and ducks

and the stately blue heron which always

silently encourages me to improve my posture. 


If then, Easter is the return of life,

a resurgence out of a time of waiting, even loss,

a blossoming forth of hope that makes us

catch our breath with eyes straining to see all

lest we miss any morsel that is placed

on this table of delights by the Spirit

who is the pulsing heart of all life, 


If then, Easter is this life

that I can see with my own eyes

and feel in my heart and touch softly

and even bring toward my face and smell,

I have only one thing to do:

Pause, and give thanks with my whole heart

for the force of love that

pushes through the dense soil of my own doubt.

Yes, pause and give thanks to God. 


SH 4/12/2020


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