A Year of Seeing: April 7: “Traveling Companions”

The trail around our neighborhood lake.

Traveling Companions


Today, while on a walk

I saw grief and imagination

ahead of me, at a steady pace,

holding hands.

I never knew they had even met

but obviously they had with the 

stories they were telling each other.

As I approached, they invited me to

walk with them

as we made another lap around.

There I stood, one on each side,

as they shared with me their stories–

and listened intently to mine.

I felt my heart open as we

reached half way, my vision stretched

to see the connections in the blurry spaces.

When we finished our lap,

I wished them the best, as they told me

they would each see me soon.

I turned toward home

with my soul transformed.


SH 4/8/2020

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