A Year of Seeing: March 22: “The prophets of these days”

The prophets of these days


Perhaps you are the prophets of these days–

and why not?–

women and men calling us to remember

the command to love our neighbor.

Do no harm

Teach our children.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

We are being shaken out of our stupor.

Perhaps in your dedication we are reminded

of the call shared by all human beings:

To nurture healing in a hurting world–

hopeful for restoration.

The witness of your life triggers

the timeless words of wisdom and prayer

to pulse stronger within us.

With the throbbing of our spiritual heart,

the embers of deep truth are fanned and strengthened.

We can no longer afford to be distracted.

Our preoccupation with the absurd is laid bare

in the light of your care for our lives.

We are convicted by our shallowness

and find inspiration in those who heal,

those who teach, those who feed,

those who serve.

All who love.

I can only pray this: that what we are remembering now

will reframe the way we live from now on.

Our union, our true selves.


SH 3/22/2020

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