A Year of Seeing: March 14: “Something has shifted”



Something has shifted


Something has shifted,

slipped suddenly into

a new position, a new angle

within my soul and

the soul of all of us–

maybe we’re beginning to 

remember that this is real?

Something has shifted

as I walked today with my wife

and we looked ahead of us

and we noticed the couple with the dog

in a new way–

subtle but so obvious to me that

my perspective was different.

Something has shifted

in me and I can feel

my body adjust and begin 

to settle into a new posture, 

my voice taking on a kinder timbre.

Something has shifted

and while my mind cannot yet

get its clever little fingers around

what is going on,

my heart knows enough to

pause and pay attention and

listen very deeply because

I believe Spirit is trying to show us something.




in the times of “self-distancing”

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