A Year of Seeing: January 18: “That holy void”

That holy void


If I can so empty myself of myself–

that smallness constructed around my fears

of never being understood

of never being enough

of never being–

if I can so empty myself of that self

perhaps when others encounter–me?–

they will meet not that edifice,

that construction, against which they may clash,

toward which they may press,

on which they may project,

but they will encounter in that supposed emptiness,

that holy void,


a certain Love that has been given space

and room to take root and grow.

Such a Love has been seeking for so long!

Nothing need crash against that Love

like an angry wave against rocks,

because even a glancing blow in that space,

even the briefest encounter,

offers the potential to be embraced

and transformed and healed.

Where do I start?


SH 1/18/2020

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