November 30, 2019: “Go to the end”

Here begins what I hope will be a rich–albeit challenging–practice for me this year.  At the start of Advent, I began keeping a journal with me to practice writing poetry.  I have spent many, many years reading many, many words.  For this year–2020, which lends itself to the image of vision, to the practice of seeing–I need to spend more time with the poetic, the imaginative.  I’m not sure I’ll write a poem a day, but I will write what is given to me.  I will work to put one of my own photos alongside the poem, but perhaps not for every one of them.  Here goes:

Go to the end

Sometimes, when my soul is

heavy from holding 

a thousand stones,


I find the nearest dirt road and

drive until I reach the

end of my tears.


SH 11/30/2019



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