A Guided Exercise in “The Welcoming Practice”

Here is a short video of a guided reflection in the Welcoming Practice, from the Lansing Lee Conference at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

The Welcoming Practice, closely linked with the practice of Centering Prayer, is a remarkable took–if we are “courageous” enough to engage it.  It asks us to become aware of what we are sensing, what tension or stress our bodies are holding, where our resistances are.  Then, we “welcome” those sensations–not the situation itself–as a way of offering us a space for deeper reflection on what is stirred up within us.  From there–taking the time we need in a spirit of healing and wholeness–we let go our our need to grasp and seek a compassionate embodiment in the world.  We respond rather than react, trusting that the Spirit is truly alive and at work in our lives.

So, I commend this to you…

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