Beginning a Christian Meditation Group at Grace

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A few weeks ago, we launched our Bicentennial Capital Campaign at Grace, leaning into these next few years of intentional prayer, discernment, and growth.  A vital piece of this was our shared desire to ground ourselves in a shared practice of contemplative prayer.  We recognized that any capital campaign is filled with details–financial, construction, legal, etc.  It is a time of risk and vulnerability, as well as excitement and enthusiasm.  It is truly a liminal space, a space where we can experience God’s guiding presence.

At that launch presentation, I shared my hope to offer regular spaces for intentional prayer, times when those in leadership positions and the parish as a whole can come and share reflection and silence as we remember the significance of this opportunity.

My own heart’s desire over these past five years has been that we can continue to explore the possibility of anchoring a resource-sized parish in a contemplative posture, a stance that nurtures our hearts to open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we resist the egoic tendencies of grasping and and over-reliance on accomplishment and success.  These past five years have been fruitful and deeply meaningful.

To that end, we are now offering such a space for shared contemplative prayer.  This month, we will begin a local group with the World Community for Christian Meditation. The WCCM, currently with Fr. Laurence Freeman’s direction and grounded in John Main’s legacy, is a global network of people from over 100 countries who regularly meet for shared times of contemplative prayer.  Here is a helpful introductory video:

You can learn more about the international ministry of World Community for Christian Meditation by clicking HERE.  For information about the work of the WCCM within the United States and other countries, click HERE.

Our meditation groups will meet on the following dates, in the Parish Hall at Grace Episcopal Church:  Sunday, October 14 at 6 pm and Sunday, November 11 at 6 pm.  You are encouraged to bring your favorite cushion and blanket if you want.  We will work together to create a space for ourselves that nurtures our shared meditation and reflection.

**For those who already have an established practice of contemplative prayer, please know that all are welcome to come and share in this space.  Perhaps the opportunity to delve more deeply into John Main and Laurence Freeman’s writings will hone your own practice, inviting you to go deeper in your times of prayer.

For those who may want to explore the particular details of the Bicentennial Capital Campaign, here is a helpful article that includes the presentation itself as well as a recording of the launch.  Simply click on the campaign title: A Future of Grace.

Many blessings to you all.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.




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