A Prayer…a Christian meditation…my new mantra

I ran across this prayer, posted on Bishop Dan Edwards’ Facebook page.

It’s remarkable, I think…a blending of what he describes as Carmelite and Theravadan.

In his case, he shares how he uses this prayer to help him pray for those who are antagonistic toward him.  I don’ t know about the language of “enemies.”  I don’t think I consider anyone my enemy–although there are some who may consider themselves my enemy!  Interesting…our perceptions…

Here is his prayer…which really is a loving-kindness Christian meditation…

May ___ and all my enemies be filled with loving kindness.

May they be well. 

May they be peaceful and at ease.

May they be happy.

Protect me from them Lord by the turning of their hearts,

and hide me ‘neath the shadow of your wing.

It makes me wonder how I can use this language and construct my own particular mantra, my own particular prayer to ground my day and my practice…. Maybe something like this:

May we all be filled with loving kindness

May we all be well.

May we all be peaceful and at ease.

May we all be happy.

Draw us into your heart, O Loving God, and give us courage and wisdom to be vessels of your grace.

May the Spirit of Christ lead us, always.

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