Daily Lectio: Wednesday, June 10

Today is the Feast of St. Ephraim of Edessa…this interesting man known as the “harp of the Holy Spirit.”  He lived in the 4th century, and was active during the Council of Nicea, defending the Divinity of Jesus Christ.  He was a deacon, whose service to the poor placed his own life in jeopardy…and he died.  We have a few of his wonderful hymns and homilies, reflecting on God’s grace….wonderful….

It’s interesting to me that his observance is linked with the reading from Luke 19 about the parable of the talents.  Three servants are given money.  One hoards it (out of fear?) and the other two invest it, use it, gain a profit from it.

I’ve always thought this text had something to do with holy risking, with being able to risk oneself for the sake of the Gospel…of not being ruled out of fear.  It’s similar to the image about hiding one’s light under a bushel basket.

Ephraim risked his own being.  Many during that time of Nicea did…many during those early days of the faith.

The words of the nobleman or owner in the text call out:  “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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