Becoming a mindful church community…

mail (7) “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus….”  Philippians 2:5

An experiment.  A hope.  A dream.  A wonder at Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, Georgia.

What if a community of people, a gathering of seekers and learners–of Christian disciples–sought to cultivate a practice of mindfulness within their experiences of spiritual formation and compassion?

What if we sought to step away from a ‘program-maintenance model’ of ministry–one that focuses on ‘coming up with ideas for programs and opportunities…ways for people to just get involved’–in order to create a discernment-based  community that listens to the Spirit’s promptings, our deepest yearnings, and our neighbor’s dreams?

What if we embodied contemplative practices within all aspects of the community’s life–recognizing that ‘contemplation’ means that practice of intentionally seeking to be aware of the Spirit’s promptings and guidance as we seek to share in Christ’s life in our world today.  As has been said, silence is not just the absence of noise, but rather a posture, a practice, a space of attentiveness…of mindfulness…to what the Spirit of Christ is saying to the community.

When we pray to have the mind of Christ, we are praying to live into the wisdom of Christ…to partake in Christ’s nature.  We are praying to open ourselves–to be opened–to the presence of the Spirit.  We are praying to be mindful…

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