The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham Second Sunday after Epiphany January 16, 2022 The Practice of Shining Forth As we step more into this year, I feel led to shift the approach of my sermons a bit. I want to look at the readings of the day, the broader tradition that we practice, and then be... Continue Reading →

We’re Crashing Into Each Other

We’re Crashing Into Each Other Stuart Higginbotham Just the other day, I was driving to the office in my new little hybrid car when I stopped in road construction some three miles from our house. I was singing my heart out with Christmas carols (Mariah Carey, but don’t tell anyone), when a large truck suddenly... Continue Reading →

White Man, Black Madonna: Reflection One

White Man, Black Madonna A Journal of Prayer, Reconciliation, and Healing Stuart Higginbotham A replica of Notre Dame Sous le Terre, Our Lady Under the Earth from the Crypt Chapel at Chartres Cathedral, France Back around 2002, I worked in the bookstore at Columbia Theological Seminary when I was a student there. While it was... Continue Reading →

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