5 Points to Consider for the Mess We Are In

I was thinking today if I could describe a "formula" or framework for intentional conversations, given the anxieties and fear we face in the world (on one hand) and the call to Christian discipleship [also of course being a practitioner of any wisdom tradition] (on the other hand). Person after person in my parish shares... Continue Reading →

An Invitation to a Gathering: The Need for an “Alphabet and Vocabulary of the Spirit”

A Gathering: The Need for an “Alphabet and Vocabulary of the Spirit” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V63-qoKHQRU I returned yesterday from helping lead a retreat at Kanuga, a wonderful space for reflection, rest, and growth.  At this year’s Lansing Lee Conference, we delved deeply into conversations around civil discourse and justice, and we grounded ourselves in contemplative practices.  Particularly... Continue Reading →

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