December 29: “Magic”

Magic   Magic is very real. It is just not what they taught us it was-- like love. Love is very real but looks nothing like it did when I was a child-- feels nothing like it did either. Only when I saw our daughter being born of water and blood did I even begin... Continue Reading →

December 27: “Out of place”

Out of place The bud was out of place tucked 'neath a shriveled branch a few more months of cold till Spring around us launch.   Surrounded by the brown and brittle bit of stem, the small green bud stood out for what it was: a gem.   SH 12/27/2019

November 30, 2019: “Go to the end”

Here begins what I hope will be a rich--albeit challenging--practice for me this year.  At the start of Advent, I began keeping a journal with me to practice writing poetry.  I have spent many, many years reading many, many words.  For this year--2020, which lends itself to the image of vision, to the practice of... Continue Reading →

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