Lay aside immaturity and live: A Sermon

A Byzantine icon of Holy Sophia, Holy Wisdom August 15, 2021 Lay aside immaturity and live At this point, it feels like the sermons write themselves. Or at least that our circumstances feel so intense and peculiar that they demand a spiritual response that is deep enough to meet them.  Challenging times call for intentional... Continue Reading →

Mary Magdalene’s Body: A Dream

August 12, 2021 Last night, I had a powerful dream.  In the dream, I had been sent to Eastern Turkey to visit an archeological site.  When I arrived, I was told that Mary Magdalene’s body had been discovered deep within a cave.  A group of people had worked to construct a shrine around the site,... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Potlucks: A Sermon

This photo comes from a cookbook my grandmother gave Lisa and me as a wedding present...from a family potluck. The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham Proper 12, Year B July 25, 2021 The Magic of Potlucks I couldn’t read today’s texts without being filled with childhood memories of the fantastic potluck Sunday lunches we had at... Continue Reading →

Church in the Bardo

Church in the Bardo Stuart Higginbotham If you have read George Saunders fantastic book Lincoln in the Bardo, you will have been introduced to the phenomenally imaginative description of Abraham Lincoln’s life after the death of his son Willie.  Lincoln the father struggled to understand what could possibly come next in his life; indeed, he... Continue Reading →

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