A Year of Seeing: May 13: “Heart-shaped rocks”

Heart-shaped rocks   I don’t know if heart-shaped rocks are rare, but I know it is rare that I see one on a walk. Maybe it’s because I don’t pay attention, but today I saw these two stones lying beside each other, so I brought them home to teach me.   SH 5/13/2020

A Year of Seeing: May 12: “Like children running”

Like children running   The dappled rays of light squeeze through the branches like children running through their parents’ legs to go outside and play in the grass. They almost giggle as they launch out into the day and join the swallows who greet them there.   SH 5/12/2020

A Year of Seeing: May 7: “Roots”

Roots   The winds blew strong yesterday and the shrubs, newly planted, were whipped to and fro, so this morning I replanted them and packed the dirt tighter around their roots so that perhaps now they can stand stronger. Because the winds will come again.   SH 5/7/2020  

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