The School for Christian Practice

The School for Christian Practice is an intentional framework that nurtures the community’s mission to seek reconciliation and wholeness with God and one another in Christ. By centering ourselves in our practice of prayer, we can grow in our awareness of our union with God and one another, and we can foster a spirit of transformation in our personal lives and in our community.

The core claim of the School for Christian Practice is this: only through nurturing an awareness of our essential oneness, with one another and within God, can we nurture a transformation of our hearts that can share in the Spirit’s desire for reconciliation.

There are four main focus points for the School:

  • Practices of Prayer
  • Stages of Faith and Development
  • Scriptural Proficiency
  • Sacramental Ethics

To learn more about current and upcoming offerings, explore Grace Church’s website and scroll under the “Learn” tab.

Simply click HERE to go to Grace’s website.

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