SacrisTea Talks

On this page, you will find all past episodes of the SacrisTea Talk series.  Some episodes may be broken into two parts, but they will be listed below.  Enjoy…and join in!

SacrisTea Talk: Episode 4: The Rev. Canon John Bolton returns!  John shares with us his thoughts on Lent, practices of prayer, and the importance of time and seasons. 


SacrisTea Talk: Episode 3: The Rev. Mary Demmler and Jane Hemmer: “What we love about Church and What surprises us.”


SacrisTea Talk: Episode 2: Canon John Bolton and Exploring Odd Liturgical Devices


SacrisTea Talk: Episode 1: Part 1… Let’s Get This Party Started


SacrisTea Talk: Episode 1: Part 2… After we Plugged the Computer Back In




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