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I am wondering about different ways to communicate, ways in which we can spark creativity and imagination, which are so essential in cultivating an awareness of God’s indwelling presence in our lives.  What language can we use–and how is art and visual imagery a powerful language that nurtures the integration of our spiritual mind-in-heart?

I am posting a few pieces of mine that I have worked on during my sabbatical time.  I have a little studio on one side of our garage, and I spend a lot of time in there.  See what you think. (Alas, some of the lighting…but I’ll give it a shot).

I’m giving this series the title, “What is the Soul?”

Figure 1, mixed media & oil, 24×48, 2019


Blue Lady, mixed media & oil, 24×48, 2019
Be Not Afraid, mixed media and oil, 36×36, 2019
Flame, mixed media and oil, 24×48, 2019
Beloved Dust, mixed media and oil, 24×30, 2019

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